Camp Chapel United Methodist Church

Branding Camp Chapel

Early in January 2004, the Development Committee and the Marketing and Communications committee realized that Camp Chapel never had a well defined branding strategy. It was decided that the two committees needed to work together to define our strategy. We broke the task of defining the branding strategy into three phases.

The first phase was to design a slogan which represented everything Camp Chapel does. Each of us had different ideas of what Camp Chapel had to offer, and it was just a matter of articulating those ideas. As you have seen in recent months, we decided on the slogan “Gathering. Growing. Serving.” We do all three of these for the love of Christ.

The second phase was to design a logo. Camp Chapel has created numerous logos over the years for various events, but we never had one common logo. Similar to the slogan, the logo also had to represent Camp Chapel and needed to be tied to the slogan. We decided that the oak tree outside of the Fellowship Hall should be incorporated into the logo. Oak trees gather together to make forests, they grow to enormous heights, and they serve the community by providing shade, shelter, and oxygen. Also, much like Camp Chapel, an oak tree is rooted in its history, strong in its present, and growing towards the future.

We decided to seek the help of designers. The designers met with the committee and discussed everything that Camp Chapel was working on, the slogan, and the concept of the oak tree. After a draft or two, the designers provided us with a logo which shows just how Christ works through everyone in ways we can not always explain.

©2004 Camp Chapel United Methodist Church

The logo contains five oak leaves spreading out in various directions. Each of the oak leaves represent how Camp Chapel is made up of many different people gathering, growing and serving for the love of Christ. Holding all of the leaves is a pair of open hands which symbolize how Christ is at the base of everything we do. As you look at the logo, you will be able to see a silhouette of an oak tree. The open hands form the roots of the tree while the leaves form the rest of the tree. The silhouette shows that when you tie Christ and the congregation together you form Camp Chapel.

Christ definitely works in mysterious ways. It is amazing how two designers, who have never seen Camp Chapel, could design a logo which demonstrates everything we represent. We are very excited at the opportunities our logo will help us with as we grow with our community.

The third and final phase of the branding project is to incorporate all of the branding items (the slogan, logo, colors, etc…) into Camp Chapel’s publications. Over the next few months, you will start seeing our new branding strategy in our weekly bulletins, our monthly newsletter, our web site, our banners, etc… It is the goal of the Marketing and Communications committee to make sure that everyone understands the importance and the symbolism of our new brand.

The logo is owned and copyrighted by Camp Chapel United Methodist Church. All rights reserved.